We offer unique virtual solutions for different events.  The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but with a virtual event it possible to come close to a live event.

We would like to mention some advantages: cost reduction, travel saving, time saving, no stress and it is sustainable and very safe.

The events you can think of are: trade fair, expo, conference, summit, workshops, networking, training events, product launch, kick off event, education fair or opening.

We can promise you engagement (gamification), interaction and the visitor will have the feeling that he or she is really there.

One of our specialties is our online games for teams. We develop these games especially for people who are looking for a nice break during an online meeting or conference.
An environment is used in which the team members must find out what the assignment could be. This must be done within a certain time. It is extremely important that the team members communicate with each other.

After this playing time, the team members come into a different environment to answer some questions as quickly and properly as possible. During the various questions, an intermediate score is announced and at the end the winning team!

At the bottom of this page you can find the games that we offer at this moment.


What do you need?   

2 screens (computer and phone). This is for communicate with your team members (1) and to play the game (2).


all the games are in English


each game lasts approximately 30 – 45 minutes


you will be amazed.

The Brick Factory

This game is not a saying. This game is brick hard – and yet no brick number is too big for you.


Our cycle of life led us into this rustic old farm and presented us an interesting task. Can you find it?

the church

The church is a place of good powers. May the force be with you in this game too…


During this game you will visit four typical buildings in Amsterdam. Maybe you will discover the secrets of this city?

THE castle

Do you dare to walk in this old castle with your poker face and find out what the previous residents left behind?

Chinese restaurant

China is known for great food, but is it really good for you? Are you shure that you will order the right menu?

Tram depot

Several trams are ready for use in this tram depot. Where are they going? Who’s driving? What is going on in this building?

The Brewery

Beer is brewed in this brewery, but is that really the only thing or are there more secrets?

the Laundry

In this laundry everything is washed clean, but is everything as clean as it seems?

the Dairy

Walk around this dairy and try to discover what is really going on in this factory.

The Transshipment shed

Orders come and go in this transshipment shed every day. Where do they come from? Where are they going?

the Museum

Teamwork is essential. Your team has to link a school and a museum. Who is the real artist?
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